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CBH 6 - Virtual Event Forum
1st February 2021
Invested in supporting local authorities and their development companies to build more quality affordable homes

CBH has welcomed over 100 senior staff from 50 local authorities to 4 London based forums. In 2020 we have expanded our platform across the country. 

Why Councils Building Homes?

In response to client feedback and in the absence any forums targeted solely at supporting local authorities to deliver their housing development programmes, Airey Miller has established Councils Building Homes (CBH).

CBH forums bring together speakers, experts and councils from across the country to share lessons, challenges and successes on how to overcome some of the common barriers to successful programme delivery.

The Story So Far...

Since 2018 we have hosted many CBH forums in London, welcoming senior development staff from over 50 councils across the country.  Our delegates have heard from speakers, experts and councils on topical issues, current regulations and research, including:

  • The keys to growth of development companies

  • Securing funding from the GLA and Homes England

  • Local authority programme governance

  • Tackling common barriers to delivery

  • ....and much more

Attracting keynote speakers with a proven record of driving our industry forward

CBH has provided a platform for leaders from the GLA, Royal Town Planning Institute, Bristol City Council, University. College London, LB Westminster, CAST (Mark Farmer) and many others.


As more and more councils are providing homes through a variety of means, these sessions provide an invaluable source of advice together with experience gained by other local authorities. They are an opportunity to network with other councils and discuss different ways that councils are supporting their housing delivery


Janice Morphett

University College London

Beyond the Forum

As a follow up to the success of the CBH forums Airey Miller has been delivering tailored workshops both in person and virtually for local authority participants. These have provided an opportunity for our guests to explore in more depth any of the round table discussions, or the keynote speeches most relevant to each council.  

Some of our Local Authority Clients


I found the forum highly informative, supportive, creative and very worthwhile. The opportunity to discuss common issues with an experienced cohort public and private professionals was refreshing. I will certainly attend again in the future.

Terry Fuller

Homes England

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