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Register for Councils Building Homes 12
"Ensuring Your Developments Will Stay Fit For Purpose"

21st June 2023 2-5pm
To be held over Zoom


What is CBH?

Airey Miller founded Councils Building Homes in 2019, as the senior leadership team recognised the absence of support for local authorities, as they restructured to self-deliver their housing development programmes.


Councils Building Homes brings together subject matter experts and councils from across the country to share lessons learned from their housebuilding endeavours, including their challenges and success stories, assisting other councils to avoid and overcome some of the common barriers to successful programme delivery.


Airey Miller is a multi-discipline organisation, specialising in the delivery of affordable housing and regeneration projects, with a long and successful track record delivering professional services to public sector housing clients. A key to our success has been the formation of new services and innovation in our service delivery in response to the changing requirements of our public sector clients.


Ensuring your developments will remain fit for purpose

How legislative change must drive improvements in the Development function to achieve greater sustainability and safer homes.

​Topics to be covered:

  • The increasing responsibility of public sector development teams and asset managers.

  • How to ensure councils and RPs rise to the expectations of government, residents, and the general public in respect of development and asset management.

  • Housing – professional development and training.

  • Employers’ requirements the playbook for any developing organisation.

  • Ensuring project information is adequately collected, collated, and made available to property and asset managers and residents.

  • The establishment of compliant information at handover, the golden thread, building safety case and asset management data.

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