"We offer extensive programming and cost management advice to maximise clients’ project potential."


We have significant experience in the redevelopment of existing communities through their regeneration. We provide services either as a direct consultant or as part of a development management team employed by Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), Local Authorities & Housing Clients or working with them client-side helping deliver their regeneration objectives. This latter role requires us to assist on strategic, commercial and technical matters as well as provide advice and support.

We understand the model of cross-subsidy, project modelling and the partnership between constructors, developers and registered providers to produce successful outcomes. We are also working with clients to help them explore and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the Private Rented Sector, where recent investor support has created new and exciting financial propositions by retaining our client’s assets.

We have also undertaken a wide variety of procurement from full ‘open book’ partnering to joint venture (JV) approaches. This has enabled us to add value and manage the legal requirements associated with such types of procurement.

From our clients’ point of view we recognise the requirement to meet stakeholder aspirations through consultation and engagement, and can be actively involved to achieve this.

Quick Facts

Client Side:

  • Strategic commercial and technical advisory services to Local Authorities and their Special Purpose Vehicles.

  • Asset reviews and optimisation appraisals.

  • Experienced in all types of community, estate and land led regeneration.

  • Commercial contract negotiations.

  • Training and capacity building.

  • Procurement services for frameworks etc.

  • Business plan support

  • Processes mapping and system support

  • Social value coordination.

Technical Side:

  • ​Ability to lead development management team.

  • Provision of commercial and design management skills.

  • Risk management and mitigation.

  • Programming skills and support.

To discover how we can help support your development please contact us here or see some of our previous commissions below.

Caroline Pillay



Caroline has a wealth of experience in the delivery of urban regeneration projects, both as a consultant and client side. Her team provide development & project management services and, in conjunction with her colleagues throughout Airey Miller, a complete strategic, commercial and technical advisory service. An example of which is one of the largest regeneration projects in London where we are supporting Homes for Lambeth.

Peter Airey  


With over 35 years experience, Peter provides his knowledge, expertise and support in all areas of our technical and professional activity. He specialises in procurement, where he provides innovation, vision and a pioneering approach. Peter also has knowledge and experience in off-site manufacture, commodities, procurement and establishing BIM management processes.

Tobias Goevert


Tobias has 20 years of experience working in the development industry in London. Within Airey Mller Partnership he takes a senior role supporting Councils becoming better clients, for example he recently led the transformation of Lewisham’s housing service into a brand new Strategic Development function, overseeing delivery of 1000 new social homes by 2022. He previously worked as Head of Regeneration & Design at Harrow Council (2015-2018) and Area Regen Manager at the Greater London Authority and London Development Agency (2003-2015), 

Homes for Lambeth

Homes for Lambeth

Lakewood Sherwood

Lakewood Sherwood

Bentley's Meadow

Bentley's Meadow

Brownfield Estate

Brownfield Estate



Red Door Ventures

Red Door Ventures