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Recent publication of the Governments Fire Risk Prioritisation tool for Responsible persons

This is a new tool to assess buildings under the new Fire Regulations (to be implemented in January 2023), which can be relied upon in any legal proceedings that the fire and rescue authorities may bring against building owners.

Airey Miller has extensive experience helping our clients to undertake a holistic and pragmatic view of their building stock. With our robust quality management system and our unique procurement approach, that addresses the governments “waterfall” approach to addressing building safety risks and the building safety fund requirements, we have the skills in-house to work with developers and contractors to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement and deliver the required remedial works.

Using this tool we can assist building owners in reviewing the list of information requirements for the risk assessment and produce our own tailored assessment and a report on your buildings which is far quicker than undertaking a PAS assessment. We can add value to this process by providing a budget estimate of the potential costs for a PAS assessment (if required) and the likely costs of the remediation works.

To be clear, this tool is NOT a substitute for an EWS1 form or a substitute for a PAS assessment, if one is required, but it can identify many buildings that could be considered a low risk and therefore potentially compliant with the Fire Safety Act 2021. Together with our approach we can provide a costed, holistic and pragmatic overview of your buildings and build a business plan and a tailored road map to addressing our clients building fire safety concerns.

Please feel free to give either Mark Pratten or Mark Humphreys a call.

Mark Pratten, Director

M: 07711 185 876


Mark Humphreys, Director

M: 07469 851 541


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