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Airey Miller Green Team!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

At Airey Miller we are keen to do what we can to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

As part of social and environmental value we are committed to off-setting car business miles into planting new urban trees, by partnering with UK charity Trees for Cities. This is an effective and long-term approach to managing the unavoidable environmental impact of our business activities.

Through creating woodlands, which naturally remove greenhouse gases like CO2 from the atmosphere, we can achieve sustainability objectives and manage our environmental footprint whilst making an investment in holistic green infrastructure, including installing new urban trees in Airey Millers area of operation.

The more business miles travelled by our technical teams, the more urban trees Airey Miller will plant!

The Green fingered Airey Miller staff have also volunteered to get their hands dirty and help plant some of the new soft landscaping on completion of Lambeth’s new community project in Brixton where we are Project Managers.

We are committed to providing the best service to our clients and helping to create high quality sustainable communities for the benefit of all stakeholders and residents. This involves our multi-disciplined teams advising clients on many sustainable options and initiatives including:

  • Passive Haus

  • Net Zero carbon

  • Part L compliance

  • Whole Lifecycle costs (as emerging GLA Policy)

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS)

  • Home Quality Mark standards

  • Ground remediation and recycling of demolition materials

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