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Life at Airey Miller

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

What's it like to work at Airey Miller? We believe our people are the cornerstone of our success, and our investment in them has resulted in a significant percentage of staff being with us in excess of 10 years. See what some of our people have to say about working at Airey Miller.....

It's beneficial to our staff, the business and our clients for us to check in with our people on a human level to see life at Airey Miller from their point of view.

How long have your worked at Airey Miller?

"4 years"

"11 Months"

"3 years"

Describe your job role

"Pre-Construction lead & delivery PM with additional responsibilities for business development and business management"

"Attending site meetings, assisting with EOD inspections, handovers and snagging."

"Head of Cost Consultancy"

What do you find enjoyable about working at Airey Miller?

"Good hands-on leadership team. A highly progressive, forward-looking, vibrant & agile organisation. A people-oriented organisation, keen on supporting"

"Colleagues from all departments are really friendly and always there to help, people are sociable and it is a relaxed environment."

"Good team, nice colleagues, challenging work, working with clients with high social value"

Describe the level of support you get at Airey Miller

"Excellent strategic support from the MD. Relevant support from the team also. "

"My team leaders and colleagues are always there to answer any questions I have"

"Good, doors are always open to discuss challenges"

Would you recommend Airey Miller to anyone looking for employment? If so, please state why?

"Definitely! The culture in Airey Miller is collaborative. A highly progressive, forward-looking, vibrant & agile organisation. A people-oriented organisation"

"Yes - it's a good company to start your career with. Colleagues are very supporting and make time to explain processes with you."

"Of course, we promote from within and support professional development"

Author : various members of staff

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