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Delivering the Safety Case information through Precise 3D Mapping

Now that the Building Safety Act is in operation as of the 1st October, clients are required to produce building safety cases to enable then to obtain building assurance certificates. Occupying a building without a building assurance certificate will be against the law and custodial sentences will be handed down by the regulator should that requirement be flouted by the building owners.

When it comes to building management, possessing detailed, accurate information about the structure and internal systems of a building is vital. At Airey Miller Surveys Limited, we commit ourselves to assisting building owners in not only collating but also reviewing their safety case information. Our recent technological adoption, the Navvis VLX 3, has significantly elevated our capacity to produce precision 3D building scans, providing crucial data to inform safety cases and management strategies.

Airey Miller Surveys Limited has invested in its technology and people to deliver to the safety case requirements. This technology provides missing key building information with which to maintain the building in the future. Through internal and external surveying, and a tailored approach to each building's unique needs, we are not just providing a service we are providing a holistic service to help our clients demonstrate building safety.

For a detailed exploration of our services and approach, visit the Airey Miller website here or contact:

Mark Pratten BSc (Hons) MRICS, Technical Director

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