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Building a Safer Future – Our involvement in the Golden Thread Initiative (GTI)

We are pleased to be involved with L&Q’s and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Golden Thread Initiative (GTI).

The Initiative is set up to work collaboratively for the benefit of our industry to produce a working example of the Golden Thread. It aims to address the systematic problem to an uncontrolled approach to construction , refurbishment and the management of operations of buildings in this country.

The GTI is split into 12 work streams and we are very proud that Airey Miller as a company has embraced this with key personnel who have volunteered their time, knowledge and experience to each of the workstreams and contribute to this vital piece of knowledge sharing with other industry professionals who have all decided to collaborate to understand the safety requirements and how they can be standardised and digitised.

GTI’s vision is to create a standardised, digital Golden Thread that is controlled at component level with building templates and checklists, understanding the timing and process of information and when it is needed, and to identify the attributes of the digital platform which will control the information.

These findings will be published in a report for the benefit of the wider industry.

As a company that delivers around 1000 completed homes every year we have a keen interest in the GTI programme, we are regularly involved in events around explaining the impact of the proposed new Building Safety Regime, the building safety case and how the golden thread of information that supports this is delivered through a BIM process. We have invested in our information management process and have one of the best Common Data Environment packages on the market which is flexible enough to deliver to all of our clients requirements.

Currently Mark Pratten (together with Monika Kajtar and Graham Hemmings) is leading Airey Miller BIM services growth in information management and BIM standards consultancy and is working toward the ISO 19650 accreditation. We founded our BIM In Housing forum and regularly meet with our partners to discuss the current events and industry innovations and feedback through free events. We also work to develop a collaborative environment with Councils who are also being empowered to develop and are now slowly coming to the table and developing the much needed affordable homes. Our Councils Building Homes forum on Linked in is open to all councils and is a private forum to knowledge share in a likeminded environment.

We look forward to working alongside other industry leaders on the GTI to shape the programme’s development and provide lessons learnt and our own influence on how we see digital information management empowering the development and operational sides of our industry.

If you are interested in hearing more on how we are assisting our clients in advising on the requirements of the Building Safety Bill, the Draft Safety Bill and the golden thread, including our other BIM services including the role of Information Manager, please feel free to contact us.

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