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Airey Miller Ltd. awarded ISO 19650-2:2018 certification

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

We are proud to announce that Airey Miller has received its ISO 19650-2:2018 certificate from the British Standards Institution (BSI), along with the corresponding mark of trust.

The certification confirms that Airey Miller’s information management processes, delivering BIM projects, are in line with the requirements of the BS EN ISO 19650-2:2018 delivery phase of the assets standard.

The certification covers Airey Miller as a “Lead Appointed Party” providing Project Management and Information Management services in line with the aforementioned standard and the UK National Annex.

We started our journey towards becoming a verified BIM service provider in early 2021, which was the culmination of our management’s ongoing commitment to provide high-quality Information Management and BIM services.

A key element of what we are trying to create is a change in approach to designing and delivering buildings, by building better and ensuring that Dame Judith Hackitt’s concept of a ‘golden thread’, as set out in her Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety. The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) report identifies what the golden thread means in terms of providing and managing key information about a building’s potential fire and structural safety, and the digital recording and processing of that information.

The golden thread is not just information about a building, it also includes how that information is managed and processed, to ensure it is both accurate and accessible. This applies to the whole life of a building, from design and construction, through to occupation. The main requirement of the golden thread principle is to record any changes (such as amendments to information, documents, or plans), when changes were made and by whom, to help drive improved accountability.

There are many reasons for changes to be made to elements of a building’s design during its construction. Issues arise when these changes, and the reason for them, are not properly recorded, reviewed, and approved. Our Information Management approach through our Common Data Environment (Viewpoint for Projects) provides the platform to ensure that the project is delivered in a collaborative way and not in ‘Silos’ where gaps in scope and responsibility can be identified and addressed through our Quality Management System accredited through BS EN ISO 19650-2:2018.

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