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Airey Miller: Leading the Way in Building Safety through Fire Remediation Works

Airey Miller are a multi-disciplinary consultant specialising in fire remediation works and asset management services. As a firm committed to ensuring building safety, we have actively partnered with the UK government to deliver their Cladding Safety Scheme to address fire safety risks within residential buildings.

Our expertise in providing comprehensive solutions, from Fire Risk Assessments to project management of remediation works, allows us to play a pivotal role in securing the safety and peace of mind of residents. To this extent we are not only a member of Homes England’s panel for undertaking and peer reviewing FRAEW reports but one of two consultants assisting Homes England to audit bid applications for funding.

Airey Miller and the Cladding Safety Scheme:

The Cladding Safety Scheme is a vital initiative by the UK government, addressing the pressing need to make buildings safe from potential fire hazards posed by unsafe cladding. At Airey Miller, we have embraced this challenge wholeheartedly, joining forces with the government's Building Remediation Portfolio. As a trusted partner, we strive to lead the way in implementing effective remediation measures and ensuring residents' safety.

The Six Steps to Apply for the Building Safety Scheme:

  • Step 1: Applying for the scheme here: can only be made by the person responsible for the external repair of the building.

  • Step 2: Apply stage 2 - the Fire Risk Appraisal – Provide your FRAEW in accordance with PAS 9980. (Airey Miller are on Homes England assessor panel to undertake a FRAEW for buildings applying to the Cladding Safety Scheme).

  • Step 3: Confirmation of eligibility – FRAEW to be Peer-reviewed. (Airey Miller are on the Homes England Panel for peer reviewing FRAEW reports)

  • Step 4: The grant funding agreement – Airey Miller can provide the pre-tender support to be able to specify the works and obtain competitive quotes/tenders.

  • Step 5: Submitting your works and costs – Airey Miller can guide you through this step and provide and assist in the monthly reporting back to Homes England (HE) to ensure that the requirements of the fund are met. We can ensure that the procurement provides a reasonable and comparative tender within the market which is stipulated by HE in their guidance. We can provide the necessary cost information in the format required by HE. We can also assist in your leaseholder engagement through this process.

  • Step 6: Accessing your works and costs - Airey Miller will develop a detailed remediation proposal and programme. Our proposals will align with the HE works contract requirements contained in the Cladding Safety Scheme's guidance. We will provide our scope to align with HE requirements for monitoring and managing the remediation works in order for HE to be satisfied of the approach.

Airey Miller Services:

Airey Miller comprehensive FRAEW service offers a fully tailored support package, guiding you through every step of the process, from project inception to successful completion.

  • Expertise in Fire Remediation Works: At the core of our capabilities lies our expertise in fire remediation works. We understand that building safety is of paramount importance. With our team of skilled professionals, we conduct detailed Fire Risk Assessments both internally and externally and produce reports (FRAEWs), enabling us to identify vulnerabilities and risks accurately. Armed with this knowledge, we devise tailored proportionate remediation solutions that prioritise safety without compromising on quality.

  • Comprehensive Asset Management Services: As a multi-disciplinary consultant, our services extend beyond fire remediation works. We offer comprehensive asset management services, encompassing all aspects of building safety. Our experts are well-versed in the complexities of building procurement and can provide invaluable advice to stakeholders, ensuring that remediation projects are executed efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Project Management Excellence: We take pride in our ability to manage remediation projects from inception to completion. Airey Miller oversees every stage of the process, ensuring that safety measures are implemented seamlessly. Our project management expertise guarantees that all stakeholders are well-informed, budgets are optimized, and timelines are met, providing a hassle-free experience for our clients.

  • In House Fire Engineers for Enhanced Safety: To further bolster the safety of our remediation works, we have our in house experienced fire engineers who bring their specialised knowledge to the table. These experts play an integral role in fine-tuning our remedial measures, ensuring that the buildings are not only compliant with safety regulations but also exceed industry standards.

  • Commercial Management and Clerk of Works: We understand the financial implications of remediation projects, which is why we provide commercial management services to optimise budgets while maintaining the highest safety standards. Additionally, our presence as a Clerk of Works guarantees that all aspects of the remediation process align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

A commitment to building safety:

At Airey Miller, building safety is at the core of our values, and our partnership with the Cladding Safety Scheme reflects our commitment to making a positive impact. With our extensive expertise in fire remediation works and asset management services, we aim to lead the way in ensuring that residents are safe from the risks associated with unsafe cladding. Through collaboration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Airey Miller strives to create safer environments and inspire confidence in the communities we serve.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is based on Airey Miller's specialisation and the narrative provided in the Cladding Safety Scheme web links mentioned. Readers are encouraged to refer to the official sources for further details and up-to-date information.

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