"We have numerous contacts to assist us in securing client development opportunities."

Creating Development Opportunities


Airey Miller has a deep knowledge and understanding of the development process and works with a wide range of public sector clients and private sector housebuilders, investors and contractors to bring about successful development conception and delivery.

Unlike other consultants we have extensive contacts providing ‘off market’ opportunities that allow us to regularly source and package new and exciting openings for our clients.

We also provide financial modelling and viability services which means we are perfectly placed to provide consultancy services covering every aspect of such opportunities.

We have close relationships with numerous housing associations (registered providers) and can effect the most appropriate introduction. We are also able to deliver and ensure compliance with S106 agreements. Not only can we negotiate terms as part of the planning process but we also ensure successful contracts between developers and housing providers.

We extend our services offering and capability through alliances with selected companies and supply chains assembled for specific sector responses. We regularly work with designers and planning consultants to formulate and achieve comprehensive design management teams. We work within viable and deliverable financial parameters supported by our commercial design management services and our financial and cost consultancy offering.

Quick Facts

  • Sourcing the best-value compliant bids through our relationships with numerous housing associations and providers.

  • Sourcing and obtaining development sites and managing developer risk on clients’ behalf.

  • Improved GDV through optimisation using our commercial and design management skills.

  • Our construction management and supply chain contacts facilitate greater accuracy in our cost consultant skills.

To discover how our Opportunity Creating skills can help you please contact us here or see some of our previous commissions below.

John Murray MRICS


John has a wealth of knowledge in the residential sector and a particular specialism with developing registered provider clients. He has significant experience co-ordinating regeneration bids and uses his skills to lead the team to successfully broker new opportunities, deliver on joint venture partnerships as well as lead partner with our PRS clients.

Councils Building Homes; the story so far

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