London Borough of Lambeth - Homes for Lambeth

This commission will see Airey Miller working in a client-side role providing strategic, commercial and technical development support services to implement the Council’s estate regeneration programme.


Our appointment coincides with the Council’s plans to set up its own wholly owned housing company ‘Homes for Lambeth’. HfL will be regenerating 1,500 existing homes and plans to develop 3,000 new homes across 6 estates.

Our goal throughout will be to provide the Council with the necessary guidance and know-how to be a confident and effective client. To drive the team, the Development Managers, the contractor and the impending Homes for Lambeth Board to extract maximum innovation and benefit across all aspects of this exciting project. 

Principally we understand that the role requires us to present and operate as an extension of resources for the Council’s Regeneration Team by supplying the following specialist advice:

Strategic – Helping HfL deliver their vision for their community. 

Commercial – Working to secure maximum value for money to invest back into Lambeth.

Technical - Ensuring an un-compromised approach to quality homes and the delivery of sustainable management to meet your needs today and into the future.

Our role includes:

  • Assisting the Council in securing maximum social and economic value throughout the design, development and delivery of the programme.  

  • Producing and implementing the financial modelling template for each appointed project management team to operate within.

  • Ensuring that proposals are affordable to the council and can be delivered to a sound business plan.

  • Training and developing Lambeth’s existing development team providing them with training and skill required to project manage these large regeneration schemes.

  • Monitor and interpret all information provided by the six externally appointed project management/employer’s agent teams and report finding and make recommendations to the newly formed Board for Homes for Lambeth.

  • Contributing in providing strategic and commercial advice to Lambeth in setting up and establishing the functions of the new Strategic Delivery Vehicle (Homes for Lambeth), including monitoring the construction, completion and handover of new homes ready for residents to move in.

  • Ensure the principles of good design are provided to deliver better homes which are cheaper to run and maintain.

  • Ensuring homes are provided on time, on budget and to the standards required.


Quick Facts

Client - Homes for Lambeth, LB Lambeth.

Description - Regeneration of 6 existing Housing Estates, Strategic, Commercial and Technical Advisors. 

Roles and Responsibilities - Development Management, Technical Support and Advise, Viability and Project Modelling, Cost Consultancy.



Client Side Project Management:

Caroline Pillay
Senior Partner

Technical Support and Services:

Peter Airey

Managing Director

Viability and Modelling:

Simon Smith
Finance and Business Manager