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In Use & Asset Management

Airey Miller gives support through this stage in a number of ways. 

Defects management – We have a dedicated customer care team that manage the resolution of defects arising during the contractual defects period. Our quality management system ensures a consistent approach to recording, tracking and the closing out of defects. 

Latent defects – we have the skills and experience to follow through serious defects and support our clients to successfully recover against reluctant parties. 

Surveys - we provide survey and reporting of client assets together with recommendations, including other specialists as necessary.

Airey Miller provides survey and reporting of clients' assets, together with recommendations including other specialists as necessary.

Passive fire protection remediation work via Airey Miller Surveys Ltd.  Our contract administration team work with several qualified fire engineers to remediate clients' buildings and ensure FRAs or EWS1 forms can be issued in accordance with regulatory reform.


  • Customer care services;

  • Building pathology surveys;

  • Invasive external wall surveys

  • Passive fire protection remediation;

  • Whole life cost PV plans;

  • Planned maintenance;

  • Contract administration;

  • Repairs and maintenance;

  • Schedules of condition; and 

  • Party wall matters.

“We’ve been working with Airey Miller for around 6 months now. Mark and the team have been able to give myself and our executive the assurance in our approach through their experience, expertise, methodical approach and independence”

Doug Bacon, Director of Asset Management - Home Group 

Project Examples


Fire Safety Work, £500k - £8m | Various clients 

Airey Miller is, together with our fire engineering supply chain, providing a range of passive fire protection remediation works. Our working relationship with our engineers enables us to undertake a digitally recorded survey and remediation programme enough to issue an EWS1 form. Where not required our surveys will be sufficient to enable a fire assessor to sign off. 

Airey Miller undertakes all surveys (using drones) and effect opening up works to enable the engineers to approve or make recommendation for approval. We naturally manage the remediation works subsequently.


External and major repairs | Various clients 

In conjunction with our fire safety work, Airey Miller undertakes surveys to attend to general defects and works to balconies and other claddings, which contain combustible materials 

Our building surveyors and architectural technologists can provide detailed remediation and replacement specifications. We can also assist clients to seek recovery against the original contractors or design team where applicable. 


Barking Riverside – Defects Management, £30m | Southern Housing Group (SHG)

We acted as employer’s agent for this 200 mixed unit development of residential housing. 

Key issues and how they were managed 

Defect management – One major developer/contractor who had little or no experience of house building and had no established procedures for dealing with post completion defects. With our experience of managing over 1,000 units in defects in any one time, we were able to work with the contractor to establish processes and procedures.

London Thames Gateway Development Corporation (now GLA), a JV partner. As a ‘developer’ they had no experience, staff or budget to manage the 33 units they had sold to private purchasers. We became the point of contact for all residents who had purchased homes from them. Given our experience of working on over 20 frameworks and with all major house builders, we were fully able to offer this service, and engage accordingly.

MHCLG advice – Airey Miller has also been appointed to provide project management and cost consultancy advice for a pilot to remove combustible cladding. With the MHCLG advice we are undertaking similar work for many public and private sector clients. 

Excellent consultant with good staff and have performed exceptionally well on various projects across our development programme.​ Would recommend Airey Miller 100%


P.Haines - Network Homes