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Design, Development & Procurement Services

Our industry recognises that design and build without effective risk management can result in a poor-quality product. It must now also address the changes to procurement required because of the adjustments to fire safety regulation in particular for high rise buildings, or those with vulnerable occupants. 

Even on developments below 18m many clients accept our recommendation to procure after RIBA stage 3+ or 4. Robust due diligence, design reviews, fire strategies and technically coordinated developed design will reduce contractor risk pricing and gain better value. 

Whilst two stage tendering can achieve this, Airey Miller has the skills to also manage this process and to enable a single stage tender. We collectively and pro-actively manage the professional team to meet both budget and time exactly as a developer’s construction management team would.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer many alternative procurement strategies for a variety of solutions meeting key client needs. 


  • Procurement and strategic advice;

  • Project management;

  • Cost consultancy;

  • Principal designer;

  • Design management;

  • Fire safety advice;

  • Construction management;

  • Optimisation and value engineering; 

  • BIM and information management;

  • Technical audits;

  • Rights of light advice;

  • Logistics and planning;

  • Party wall matters;

  • Risk management reviews;

  • Detailed specification writing.

Project Examples

morrisons 2.jpg

Former Morrisons Site Hounslow, £39.8m | A2Dominion

Appointed to provide project management, employers agent and cost consultancy services for the delivery of 176 affordable residential dwellings, commercial and retail space. We delivered this project to a tight programme due to funding deadlines and within a strict budget. The team worked to a gateway system; costs and the brief were managed, reviewed and adjusted as required at each stage.

Key issues and how they were managed

  • A full due diligence assessment and technical appraisal of the site conditions was undertaken to de-risk and provide greater cost certainty. A separate demolition and enabling works package was undertaken to facilitate this;

  • A series of workshops took place to review the concept architectural designs, which necessitated value engineering and optimisation prior to tender; and

  • Developing the technical design and engineering requirements enabled a robust and detailed tender package. All invited contractors returned competitive tenders and met the required start on site date for funding.

“The Project Management and attention to detail addressed the site abnormal risks early and managed the design team to produce a planning approved design that was efficient, high quality and aesthetically pleasing. The tender process was well managed by Airey Miller and a main contractor secured on a fixed price below budget and to programme."

Nuno Meria

Technical Manager, A2Dominion


Parsons Green, £21m | London & Quadrant (L&Q)

Appointed as project manager, employer’s agent and cost consultant for the development of 140 apartments, commercial and retail units on a compact urban site next to a London underground station. Working to a tight deadline to secure funding, and delivering the commercial element on time and on budget. We were appointed initially by a subsidiary of L&Q.

Key issues and how they were managed

  • There were several H&S and environmental risks that required to be de-risked;

  • The site had been occupied by a former dairy but had also accommodated a garage and an undertakers. The northern boundary was an LUL/TfL rail line and Parsons Green station;

  • There were levels of contamination on the site from previous users and excessive landfill gases due to a pond or similar located on the site. These had to be dealt with before letting the contract;

  • A detailed schedule of condition and agreement in respect of the railway retaining wall and associated Party Wall Awards;

  • An understanding of oversailing and restrictions which were imposed; and

  • The effect of noise and brake dust on ventilation requirements to the elevation closest to the rail line; and

  • We used an innovative approach to procurement driven by funding deadlines. This included a two stage approach with major issues of risk dealt with on an 'open book' basis against provisional sums and defined timescales.  

“Excellent service from trusted consultants.”

John Wafer

Development Manager, L&Q


Parkside, Lewisham, £125m | Peabody 

Project manager, employer’s agent, principal designer and cost consultant on phases 5 and 6 of a 1,225 home estate regeneration project that is transforming an existing 1950s and 1960s council estate, Heathside and Lethbridge in the London Borough of Lewisham to form the new Parkside Estate incorporating 52% affordable homes.

Key issues and how they were managed


  • A key issue was the need to improve the efficiency of the design of the blocks from RIBA 3 outline approval. With our project management and design management expertise we took the lead at regular design team meetings working with the architect to maximise floor plate efficiency increase number flats served per core, improving daylight/sunlight, mitigate overshadowing, minimising the extent of the basement excavation;

  • We encouraged the engagement of the design team to remain with Peabody to RIBA Stage 4A, maintaining design control prior to tender. We worked with the design team to develop optimised and buildable solutions; and Post tender we renegotiated, value engineered, risk managed and reduced the contract sum by £7m to reflect tender market conditions and achieve Peabody’s viability requirements.


The tender process was well managed by Airey Miller

N.Meira - A2Dominion

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