"Mixed use developments are increasingly common. We have the range of skills needed to deal with the challenges these present."

Quick Facts


  • Experience of mixed use in all categories and sectors

  • We can provide assistance to clients’ lawyers in drafting third party development agreements

  • We understand the timing and cash flow issues often involved

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Peter Airey  


With over 35 years experience, Peter provides his knowledge, expertise and support in all areas of our technical and professional activity. He specialises in procurement, where he provides innovation, vision and a pioneering approach. Peter also has knowledge and experience in off-site manufacture, commodities, procurement and establishing BIM management processes.

Mixed Use

Increasingly our projects include a mixture of uses and or tenures within the same development. We recognise that this requires a degree of flexibility as to how we deliver our services. We also need to be innovative often in the procurement of such mixed use schemes to ensure our clients obtain value for money.

Invariably the uses will have differing requirements and/or targets for delivery, sometimes related to cash flow or contractual obligations to third parties acquiring an interest in the scheme to be developed.

We have experience in drafting with our clients’ lawyers clauses within construction contracts to protect or mitigate the risk of any development obligations which are required in such schemes, where our client is the lead developer.

Councils Building Homes; the story so far

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