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In 2017, driven by a mutual desire to help local authorities deliver  their housing programmes, Airey Miller set up a consultancy to achieve this objective.

They recognised that their skills and experience (technical and client-side), whilst different, were geared  towards  achieving the same objective, and therefore created a unique partnership approach.

As many local authorities had not undertaken any meaningful housebuilding for decades, they faced this challenge of skill shortages and lack of support.

As a result of this we established the COUNCILS BUILDING HOMES forum for local authorities.

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Airey Miller provides professional management and client-side service which, unlike other consultancies, is contained under 'one roof'. We have teams of professionals dedicated to meeting the capacity needs of each of our clients on a project-by-project basis.


We act as your in-house outsourced resource, applying the full scope of our experience and expertise to supporting your teams. Our approach allows you to retain total control of your projects with the significant back-up of the Airey Miller professional team and services, building a greater capacity within your organisation. 

Our teams are able to guide in-house teams through the project development process and stages, providing step-by-step guidance and advice, as they negotiate each stage of work.  This enables them to learn on the job and acquire a more entrepreneurial and commercial way of thinking.

Client Side

  • Strategic commercial and technical advisory services to local authorities and their special purpose vehicles.

  • Asset reviews and option appraisals.

  • Experienced in all types of community estate and land led regeneration.

  • Commercial contract negotiations.

  • Training and capacity building.

  • Procurement services for frameworks, etc.

  • Business plan and support.

  • Process mapping and system support.

  • Social value co-ordination.

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Kunle Awofeso, chair of Councils Building Homes, Ed Richards, and Celia Esimaje have a wealth of experience in the delivery of urban regeneration projects, both as a consultant and client side. The team provides development and project management services and in conjunction with their colleagues throughout Airey Miller, a complete strategic, commercial and technical advisory service. Examples of this are major regeneration projects for London boroughs, including Camden and Newham. 

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With over 40 years' experience, Peter provides his knowledge, expertise and support in all areas of our technical and professional activity.  He specialises in procurement where he provides innovation, vision and a pioneering approach.  Peter also has knowledge and experience in off-site manufacture, commodities, procurement and establishing BIM management processes.

Technical Side

  • Development management and leadership.

  • Provision of commercial, cost and design management skills. 

  • Risk management and mitigation.

  • Design brief and employer's requirements production.

  • Programming skills and support.

  • BIM and information management.

  • Project monitor service.

  • Clerk of works / site monitoring services.

  • Client design advisor.

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